Richard LamsonRichard Lamson has been a career artist for over twenty years. A lifetime fascination with birds led him to begin carving and painting birds in the early eighties. It was a hobby he would never relinquish. He developed a collector base in the tens of thousands after reproducing his original songbird carving in the 1990′s. In 1999, Richard designed the Audubon Collection for Big Sky Carvers. This collection of carvings and home accent pieces had to pass the scrutiny of the leading ornithologist for accuracy.

In 2005 Richard launched a nature-based line of inspirational products combining positive affirmations with birds and animals. This product line is now distributed by Touchstone Distributing.

The designs that now make up BirdvilleArt began with some simple sketches in 2008. Since Richard worked predominately in three-dimensional formats, he transformed those drawings into wood sculptures. He was intrigued at how each piece captured a personality with a design simplicity he had never executed before. As he began showcasing at art fairs, the response from audiences was always the same – “These birds really make me smile.” That same year his work was noticed by Paul Fisher of the renowned Paul Fisher Gallery in West Palm Beach, FL. When Paul contacted Richard to carry his work, it was a validation of his work in the “art world”. There was a natural progression into illustrations, and that is where the primary focus of BirdvilleArt is now.

In Richard’s own words, “I don’t know where these birds came from, and I don’t know where they are taking me, but I sure love the journey we are on together.”